What is Teaser, Trailer and Promo

Let us know the difference between Teaser, Trailer and Promo

What is Teaser

A teaser is a short trailer for a movie or TV show. It is also a form of advertising for a teaser campaign.
It’s an advertisement for a movie or TV show that hasn’t come out yet. Teaser trailers are short and don’t show much of the content that is going to be released.

What is Trailer

A trailer is a commercial for a feature film that is going to be shown at a movie theatre or cinema in the future.
It is the result of work that was both creative and technical. Trailers for movies are now common on DVDs, Blu-ray discs, the Internet, and mobile devices.

What is Promo

Promos are like small hints about what the product.

Difference Between Teaser and Trailer

Most trailers are between 20 and 30 seconds long. It is usually made while the film is being shot and put out before the film is finished being shot and edited. A teaser makes people want to see the movie because it lasts less than a minute and doesn’t tell them anything about it.

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