World AIDS Day -Theme for the Year 2022 Rock the Ribbon

World AIDS Day is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic

Credit: Google / Social Media

"Rock the Ribbon" is World AIDS Day's theme for the year 2022 and being marked under the theme Equalize

The National AIDS Trust aims to stop new HIV infections by creating awareness and protect  the right of HIV Patients.

WHO recognised Wold AIDS Day in 1987 because AIDS was discovered in 1986. Since then 600,000 people died

Public and private partners can raise awareness about the pandemic and promote HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.

The red ribbon has come to represent solidarity with those living with HIV or AIDS around the world.

Thanks to better availability to antiretroviral medication in many countries, the AIDS death rate has dropped 64% since 2004.

In 2007, the White House began displaying a 28-foot AIDS Ribbon on its North Portico to celebrate World AIDS Day.