Will Kohinoor Diamond Return To India After Queen's Demise

Following Queen Elizabeth's death on September 8, Indians requested the Kohinoor diamond's return.

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One of the diamonds that was included in the late monarch's crown along with other jewels was this one.

Will India ever acquire its kohinoor again

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The Kohinoor gazed as it was ruled over by one ruler after another and gradually lost its allure by times

Infamy surrounding the diamond began with the British and ended up being with Queen Victoria in 1850

Since Britain stole the now-lost Kohinoor from India, the situation has undergone a full transformation.

Before Afghans invaded it, Persians reigned. Shah Shujah Durrani gave it to Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

In 2017, India's Supreme Court said it couldn't order the diamond's return from Britain or bar its sale.

Kohinoor was also enjoyed by the Mugals, especially Shahjahan, who put it in his renowned Peacock Throne.