What is the significance of Modi's gift- do you know Know...

 Lord Shri Ramlalla resided in the womb with the chanting of the Brahmins, the soul of Lord Sriram Lalla has been established. 

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PM  N. Modi was the Chief Guest and Chief Host of the Pranapraitha Festival.  arrived with a special silver jewelery for Ramlala

Prime Minister Modi came to the soul establishment program wearing a red dress and silver ornaments on a plate.

In ancient times, silver roofs were placed over the thrones of kings. Rama belonged to the Raghu clan and was the symbol of the king

A silver umbrella as a mark of respect. According to religious belief, silver roof symbolizes strength as he ruled the Rajpath of Ayodhya

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A silver umbrella is used to confer the title of Pakpati on the king and for the deities this silver umbrella symbolizes their prakasam mandala.

In Hinduism Vishnu is depicted as spilling milk into the ocean. Above his head is a snake in the form of a roof.

This ornament represents the divine power of God and Goddess in Hinduism. So the ornaments placed to show his glory

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