Twitter Friday firing - Know the inside story

Twitter sends an email to employees telling them that they will be fired on Friday.

Credit: Google / Social Media

In Mail Twitter, "we will cut our global staff to get Twitter back on track"

This will hurt many Twitter contributors, but it's important to ensure the company's success - in mail it added

Email says all employees will receive a layoff email by 9 a.m. "Your Role at Twitter" on Friday at noon PT.

Twitter's notification claimed "all badge access will be suspended" and its offices are closed.

Lost access to all work-related accounts and email.

Musk said last week he would suspend major content moderation or account reinstatement decisions

Since Musk took over Twitter, its 7,500 staff have expected layoffs.

On his first day sacked CEO Parag Agrawal. He replaced the board of directors with himself.