Let us Tribute to the Workers on Memorial Day


It is  also known as International Workers' Memorial Day or International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured

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It commemorates workers killed, disabled, injured, or illened on April 28 worldwide. It is also known as National Day of Mourning in Canada.


Workers' Memorial Day promotes workplace safety initiatives by highlighting the preventability of most workplace incidents. 


In 1989, the AFL-CIO named this day to honour the hundreds of thousands of workers killed and injured on the job


April 28, 1991 it was declared as Workers' Mourning Day by the Canadian government 

Workers' Mourning Day

ILO and ITUC observe April 28 as International Workers' Memorial Day. The ICFTU started setting "themes" in 1996

International recognition

It  is recognized as a national day in many countries including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, USA, UK and many more.

Interesting Facts

It prioritises safe work and awareness of work-related injuries and diseases concerning occupational safety and health

Aim of the Day

Thanks for Watching

Theme- 'Remember the dead, fight for the living'.