Tom Holland Explained His Zendaya Win Despite "Limited Rizz"


Tom Holland has been in relationship with Zendaya for a long time, but he says it's not because he's charming.

Credit: Google / Social Media

In a recent video chat with Buzzfeed, Tom said that the movies, not his "rizz," were the reason he has found love.

In the interview, Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, says, "I don't have any rizz at all. I have very little rizz." 

"Paddy, my brother, has the most rizz. I don't know, I really need you to love me for it to work.

Long term, possibly making a movie with each other really helps when the characters you're playing are falling in love,” he continued.

Credit: Google / Social Media

"You may blur the lines. My rizz's there. I'm happy and in love because I'm imprisoned. I don't need rizz."-he added

Both play lovers in Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man flicks. Rumours that the on-screen duo was dating began in 2017

Even though there was no real proof until 2021, when they were caught kissing in a car in Los Angeles

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