Swami Vivekananda Top Motivational Words for Youth

Everyone should be inspired by the way Vivekananda lived his life. Through his teachings and ideas

Credit: Google / Social Media

He had an effect not only on Indian society but also on the culture of the west.

Absorb what’s good from others but don’t become them.

If we can’t find God in our own hearts and in all living things, where else can we find him?

The Biggest sin is to think that you are helpless and weak.

Be proud be a member of a religion that teaches tolerance and acceptance. We embrace all religions as true, not just as tolerable.

Character can overcome enormous barriers, not money, fame, or learning.

Arise. Awake and continue doing so until the goal has been accomplished


Teenagers need to be responsible to themselves, their families, society, and the country as a whole.