Know A Rare Diamond  Beating Heart 

A Surat-based firm called BD Global has discovered the rare diamond, which has not one, but two diamonds

Credit: Google / Social Media

This means that there is another diamond inside the diamond piece 

This is what makes this diamond so special. The firm names this diamond 'Beating Heart' 

However, the people of foreign countries are very uncertain seeing the rarity of diamond

The remarkable 0.33 ct rough diamond "Beating Heart" contains a free-moving crystal in a hollow.

The farm uncovered this remarkable 0.329-carat diamond last October

De Beers Institute of Diamonds investigated it, and Gem-A Members can learn in the Journal of Gemmology Volume

This scanning electron microscope (SEM) image shows details on the smaller diamond and the host's inner chamber.

Credit: Google / Social Media


This type of diamond was found for the first time in Russia and Siberia.