Know How Tom Holland and Zendaya Share Love at Park


While Zendaya and Tom Holland were strolling through a park in London, Zendaya gave Tom Holland ice cream.

Credit: Google / Social Media

Tom Holland was seen with one hand on Zendaya's bottom and the other holding the leash for Zendaya's dog, Noon

They seemed happy. He hasn't acted in eight months since making Apple TV+'s gripping drama The Crowded Room.

His new show promoted his longtime relationship. I'm in jail and thrilled. "I don't need rizz," Holland told BuzzFeed

Holland said he wants his romantic partners "to fall in love with me, really," so others will think he's game.

Credit: Google / Social Media

Holland joked that the best way to make someone fall in love with him is to "make a movie with them

" He was referring to how he and Zendaya met while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

"They're both getting ready to settle down, and they're definitely making plans for a real future together," said a person at the time.

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