Know How Football Became Most Popular Sports

Although people participate in a wide variety of sports, Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Credit: Google / Social Media

Arrangement of regular tournament with increased frequency of High-Class Competitions 

Most of the top teams are different from each other in terms of style of play. A team can’t rule for long.

Comparatively, football is cheap. Soccer can be played without a ball. Even kicking a can is football. 

Technology has helped make soccer more popular with streaming platforms let users watch matches live

Football supporters with their passion and enthusiasm and emotion exhibited in stadiums is seen in homes globally.

Football can be played in heavy rain & heavy snow ensures that you will rarely miss a football game.

Size of a football player doesn’t have much of an effect on how well they play as simplest to play and can quickly learn the rules

Estimated Number of Fans  today is 4,050,000,000