International Day of Family Remittances 


The International Day of Family Remittances celebrates migrants' contributions to their family back home on June 16.

Credit: Google / Social Media

It promotes remittances, lower transfer costs, and migratory worker resiliency.– Venue-United Nations Office at Nairobi, Kenya

The UN Governing Council proclaimed June 16 International Day of Family Remittances during a session in Rome in February 2015.

Family remittances are money sent home. These transfers are second only to foreign aid in funding developing nations.

International Day of Family Remittances 2024– “Support one billion people to reach their own SDGs” 

Credit: Google / Social Media

Remittances are sent abroad. Foreign workers send home. Remittances are crucial to poor nations.

UN estimates say families send 500 billion US dollars abroad annually. Remittances fund education, food, health, and shelter.

Money transfer providers advertise on streets worldwide, from big cities to rural villages, as well as online.