How Cheerleaders are Selected and How much got paid 


Credit: Google / Social Media

If you like to watch the IPL, you've probably seen cheerleaders do their thing.

Every match, cheerleaders react and dance to four and six for every hits  .

The role of cheer leaders becomes extremely challenging in an environment during match

But have you ever wondered how these cheer leaders are chosen

To become a cheer leader, it is mandatory to clear a modeling and dancing test.

Not only this, there is also a written test for cheer leaders, in which they must pass.

In this case, after passing the written test, the cheer leaders are interviewed.

Girls who pass the interview have to go through the process of dance and modeling.

After this, his salary is fixed, which is between 14 to 17 thousand rupees in every match.

Apart from this, cheer leaders are also given extra money as a bonus.

Cheerleaders stay at the Five Star Hotel and use its facilities during matches.