Celebration of Arbor Day -    A day to care the Plant


Arbor Day is a state holiday to celebrate & promote tree planting in Nebraska and is held on the last Friday of April.

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It is a state holiday & State government offices are closed. On this day, a few businesses and schools might also be closed.

Public Holiday

J Sterling Morton proposed a tree-planting holiday on January 4, 1872, because Nebraska had few trees.


Nebraska's first Arbour Day planted one million trees. County and individual tree planters received prizes. 


All US states now celebrate Arbour Day, usually in the ideal weather for planting trees.

Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, people are encouraged to take care for their natural environment. People plant and care for trees and bushes


In towns, schools, and organisations around the US, planting, exhibitions, fairs, music performances, and awards are held.

Interesting Facts

To stabilise soil and provide shade from the sun, it needed to plant several trees around the home

Aim of the Day

Thanks for Watching

You should Plant trees and take care to make our earth a green globe