5 Qualities women look in men and got attracted

There are many guys whom girls like, attracted and want to be their friends if he focuses on five main things.

Credit: Google / Social Media

First of all young people should pay attention to their body to impress others. People who have a fit body often look very attractive.

Guys who have a goal and are completely honest about that goal are more likely to be liked by girls.

The style of conversation, politeness in conversation and expressing your opinion are very much loved by girls.

Eating clean shows an awareness of one's body. This caution makes one an attractive person and brings a glow to the face

Credit: Google / Social Media

It seems that young people who are interested in sports, It develops their personality and girls are more interested in them.

Almost everyone likes such guys, not only  girls. Such boys can make friends very easily.

Most women seek is modesty. Outspokenness, charity, and honesty are further feminine appeal traits along with humility.

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