10 Major Causes Lead to unsuccessful Marriage 


Marital Infidelity Extramarital affairs of Spouses

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From frequent sexual closeness to feeling and no intimacy, divorce follows. Sometimes emotional intimacy is lacking.

If a couple has extremely different life goals, saving and spending habits, and long-term financial goals.

A mixed-religion couple. If these opinions alter, the marriage may split.

Miscommunication—when a pair shouts all day without reason. Doesn't discuss their priorities.

They can lose dignity and self-esteem if they don't perform their part of housework, earn the most, and get a good career

People who marry with unreasonable expectations or erroneous views about marriage are more likely to divorce.

Alcohol, drugs, pornography, and gambling. Divorce commonly follows untreated addiction.

Physical, verbal, and financial abuse cause

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Weight gain may make spouse unattractive, diminishing sexual connection