All NAC, Municipality & Municipal Corporation List in Odisha 2024

There are 115 Nos. of Urban local body (ULB) in odisha including 5 Municipal Corporations (MCs), 51Municipalities & 59 Notified Area Councils (NACs). The Last General Election to ULBs-2022 was held on 24.03.2022.

35 new notified area councils were formed in the state. Formation of 35 new notified area councils in 20 districts of the state and the upgrading of five NACs of four districts to municipalities. It is worth noting that in view of public demands, increasing population, development and economic growth, it has decided to form these newly notified regional councils. The chief minister expressed hope that the newly formed councils will work in the overall development of the region.

Urban Local Bodies
All Urban Local Body in Odisha
  • Municipal Corporations – 5.
  • Municipalities – 51.
  • NACs (Notified Area Councils) – 59.

Name of the Urban Local Bodies in Odisha

SlDistrictULB Name
1AngulAngul (Municipality)
2AngulAthmallik (NAC)
3AngulTalcher (Municipality)
4BolangirBolangir (Municipality)
5BolangirKantabanjhi (Municipality)
6BolangirPatnagarh (NAC)
7BolangirTusura (NAC)
8BolangirTitlagarh (Municipality)
9BalasoreBalesore (Municipality)
10BalasoreJaleswar (Municipality)
11BalasoreNilagiri (NAC)
12BalasoreSoro (Municipality)
14BargarhBaragarh (Municipality)
15BargarhPadampur (NAC)
16BargarhBarapalli (NAC)
17BargarhAttabira (NAC)
18BargarhBijepur (NAC)
19BhadrakBhadrak (Municipality)
20BhadrakBasudevpur (Municipality)
21BhadrakChandbali (NAC)
22BhadrakDhamnagar (NAC)
23BoudhBoudhgarh (Municipality)
24CuttackAthgarh (NAC)
25CuttackBanki (NAC)
26CuttackChodwar (Municipality)
27CuttackCuttack (Municipal Corporation)
28DeogarhDeogarh (Municipality)
29DhenkanalBhuban (NAC)
30DhenkanalDhenkanal (Municipality)
31DhenkanalKamakhyanagar (NAC)
32DhenkanalHindol (NAC)
33GajapatiParalakhemundi (Municipality)
34GajapatiKashinagar (NAC)
35GanjamAska (Municipality)
36GanjamBelaguntha (NAC)
37GanjamBerhampur (Municipal Corporation)
38GanjamBhanjanagar (NAC)
39GanjamBuguda (NAC)
40GanjamChatrapur (Municipality)
41GanjamChikiti (NAC)
42GanjamDigapahandi (NAC)
43GanjamGanjam (NAC)
44GanjamGopalpur (NAC)
45GanjamHinjilcut (NAC)
46GanjamKavisuryanagar (NAC)
47GanjamKhallikot (NAC)
48GanjamKodala (NAC)
49GanjamPolosara (NAC)
50GanjamPurusottampur (NAC)
51GanjamRambha (NAC)
52GanjamSoroda (NAC)
53JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpur (Municipality)
54JagatsinghpurParadeep (Municipality)
55JajpurJajpur (Municipality)
56JajpurVyasanagar (Municipality)
57JharsugudaBelpahar (Municipality)
59JharsugudaJharsuguda (Municipality)
60KalahandiBhawanipatna (Municipality)
61KalahandiJunagarh (NAC)
62KalahandiDharmagarh (NAC)
63KalahandiKesinga (NAC)
64KandhamalBaliguda (NAC)
65KandhamalG. Udayagiri (NAC)
66KandhamalPhulbani (Municipality)
67KendrapadaKendrapada (Municipality)
68KendrapadaPattamundai (Municipality)
69KeonjhargarhAnandapur (Municipality)
70KeonjhargarhBarbil (Municipality)
71KeonjhargarhChampua (NAC)
72KeonjhargarhJoda (Municipality)
73KeonjhargarhKeonjhargarh (Municipality)
74KhurdaBhubaneswar (Municipal Corporation)
75KhurdaBalugaon (NAC)
76KhurdaBanapur (NAC)
77KhurdaJatni (Municipality)
78KhurdaKhurda (Municipality)
79KoraputJeypore (Municipality)
80KoraputKoraput (Municipality)
81KoraputKotpad (NAC)
82KoraputSunabeda (Municipality)
83MalkangiriMalkangiri (Municipality)
84MalkangiriBalimela (NAC)
85MayurbhanjBaripada (Municipality)
86MayurbhanjKaranjia (Municipality)
87MayurbhanjRairangpur (Municipality)
88MayurbhanjUdala (NAC)
89NayagarhKhandapara (NAC)
90NayagarhDaspalla (NAC)
91NayagarhRanpur (NAC)
92NayagarhNayagarh (Municipality)
93NayagarhOdagaon (NAC)
94NawarangpurNawarangpur (Municipality)
95NawarangpurUmerkote (Municipality)
96NuapadaKhariar (NAC)
97NuapadaKhariar Road (NAC)
98NuapadaNuapada (NAC)
99PuriKonark (NAC)
100PuriNimapara (NAC)
101PuriPipili (NAC)
102PuriPuri (Municipality)
103RayagadaGudari (NAC)
104RayagadaGunupur (NAC)
105RayagadaRayagada (Municipality)
106SambalpurKuchinda (NAC)
107SambalpurRedhakhol (NAC)
108SambalpurSambalpur (Municipal Corporation)
109SubarnapurBinika (NAC)
110SubarnapurSonepur (Municipality)
111SubarnapurTarva (NAC)
112SundargarhBiramitrapur (Municipality)
113SundargarhRajgangpur (Municipality)
115SundargarhRourkela (Municipal Corporation
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