Type of Parliamentary & Assembly Questions

When a member of the assembly or parliament wants to ask a question, they might do so in one of four different ways. Starred, Non-starred, Short Notice Question and Question to Private Members. The member may do so as soon as the response has been received from the Minister who is in charge of the matter.

Parliamentary and Assembly Questions
Parliamentary and Assembly Questions

What are the Type of Parliamentary Questions & Assembly Questions?

  • Starred
  • Non-starred
  • Short Notice Question
  • Questions to Private members.

What is the Meaning of Starred Questions, Non-starred questions, Short Notice Questions & Questions to Private members?

  • Starred Questions has been marked with an asterisk so that it can be easily identified. It demands an oral response, and as a result, further questions may be asked afterwards.
  • Non-starred question requires a written response, and as a result, more questions cannot be asked after it..
  • Short Notice Questions—A member may raise a question on an issue of public interest and urgency for oral answer with fewer than 10 days’ notice.
  • Questions to Private members are those asked to members who are not ministers. These questions are about private member resolutions, private member bills, and parliamentary committees.

What is Supplemental questions?

Supplemental questions are oral follow-up questions that can be asked during ministerial question sessions in both Houses / Assembly without prior notice. These inquiries can be considered follow-up questions.

What is Zero Hour?

Zero Hour is the time when Members of Parliament (MPs) / MLAs can raise their different Issues of Urgent Public Importance. MPs must give the notice before 10 am to the Speaker/ Chairman on the day of the sitting for raising matters during the Zero Hour.

What is Question Hour?

The first hour of every sitting during a Parliament Session is called the Question Hour. During “Question hour,” members ask questions of different government ministries. The Ministries that should answer these questions have to do so by a certain date.

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