Trisandya or Trikala Sandhya – Meaning and Significance

The Trisandya or Trikala Sandhya is a commonly-used practised prayer and performed three times each day: 6 am at morning, noon, and 6 pm at evening. Hindu men perform Trikal Sandhya, beginning with the Gayatri Mantra. Hindus perform this puja to express gratitude to nature and the formless Almighty.

Trisandya or trikal sandhya
Trisandya or trikal sandhya Purpose

Meaning of Trisandya or Trikala Sandhya in Spiritual Life

A comparison has been made between the Puja Trisandhya in Hinduism and the Adhan, which is the call to prayer in Islam, and the Angelus prayer, which is said in Christianity. The Trisandhya Pujas are as follows:

  • Prata Sandhya (Morning Puja) – This is done before sunrise when the constellation is visible
  • Madhamika Sandhya (Afternoon Puja) – This is done ten minutes before noon
  • Sayam Sandhya (Evening Puja) – This is done ten minutes before sunset.

Significance of Trisandya or Trikala Sandhya

  • On your spiritual path, this is a sign that you should wake up and meditate at Trisandya so that your subconscious mind is waking you up as the best time to meditate and connect with the divine and other energies and beings.
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