September 9-National Days, Birthday and Important Past Events

September 9 2023 is Saturday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on September 9

Find out about important past events, festivals, funny, weird, national days, special days & Holidays happening around the world in different countries on this day

september 9 national day
national day on september 9
  • 252nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Virgo
  • International Sudoku Day
  • National Teddy Bear Day
  • Wonderful Weirdos Day
  • International Buy a Priest a Beer Day
  • National Steak Au Poivre Day 
  • Care Bears Share Your Care Day 
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day 
  • National Wienerschnitzel Day

Holidays on September 9

  • California Admission Day- USA
  • Children’s Day- Costa Rica
  • Wonderful Weirdos Day
  • Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of racial violence- Slovakia
  • Independence Day- Tajikistan
  • Testers Day

Past events and historical events on September 9

  • 2015-Queen Elizabeth II broke the record set by Queen Victoria, longest reigning British monarch.
  • 2007-Former military ruler of Panama, Manuel Noriega’s sentence in the United States ends after 17 years of imprisonment in the US.
  • 2001-The time system that measures the number of seconds since midnight UTC of Unix Billennium is Celebrated.
  • 1991-The Central Asian country, Tajikistan Declares its Independence from the Soviet Union came after the collapse of the USSR.
  • 1969-Flight 853, Flight Land of Elegheni Airlines, collided with a piperpa -28 Cherokee, flown by a student pilot near Indiana, a student near Indiana, destroyed both aircraft and killed all the living.
  • 1949 Hindi was adopted as the national language in India.
  • 1948-Kim Il-sung Establishes North Korea with the support of the USSR after the Second World War

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on September 9

Famous Celebrities birthdays on 9th September– Adam Sandler, Eric Stonestreet, Hugh Grant, Michael Buble, Michelle Williams, Zoe Kazan and more.

  • 1975-Michael Buble Canadian singer-songwriter, actor
  • 1972-Riyaz Khan, Indian actor and bodybuilder who works in Malayalam and Tamil films and television series.
  • 1967-Akshay Kumar, India-born naturalized Canadian actor, producer, martial artist and television personality who works in Bollywood films.
  • 1960-Hugh Grant English actor, producer
  • 1950-Shridhar Phadke, famous Marathi language music composer from Maharashtra, India.
  • 1941-Otis Redding American singer-songwriter, producer
  • 1926-R. M. Veerappan, Indian politician, an early Dravidian Leader, and a movie producer and screenwriter from Tamil Nadu.
  • 1890-Colonel Sanders American businessman, founded KFC
  • 1828-Leo Tolstoy Russian author
FAQ / People Also
1. Which Day is 9th September 2023?
  • 9th September is Saturday
  • 252nd day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Virgo
2. Special Day on September 9
  • In 2013 The World Puzzle Federation made September 9 the official International Sudoku Day and we’ve been celebrating it ever since.
  • Day of the Homeland is an occasion that is celebrated every year in Germany and has been seen in the country for north of seventy years. This is a day that distinctions and regards German expellees, all while noticing essential common liberties and opportunities delighted in around the country.
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