Kids or Child refuses to eat: Reasons and Solutions

kids refuses to eat

However, we must be clear that when a child refuses to eat very little of any food or has only a few preferred items that they are willing to consume, we are dealing with a serious problem. They are

  • Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD)-Pediatric Feeding Disorder is a diagnosis given to children who do not have adequate nutrition for their age, which could mean a child is still eating pureed foods or only drinking from a bottle/nursing past the age of one year, eats few or no fruits/vegetables/protein sources, or eats only soft or crunchy foods.
  • Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder or anxiety(ARFID)-An eating disorder is avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). ARFID children are extremely selective eaters who show little interest in food. They eat a narrow selection of preferred meals, which can result in stunted growth and nutritional deficiencies.

Reasons why children is not willing to eat.

  • The fairly common issues in children can cause them to stop eating- Acid reflux is common in kids and acid reflux in children.
  • It’s possible that childreen are freaking out about the texture, flavour, or scent of the food.
  • Ability to chew and Oral-Motor Skills.
  • Lack of Routine and the typical picky eating phase
  • Anxiety that refuse to eat.

Some Signs that Kids or Child refuses to eat

  • Eats few or no fruits/vegetables/protein sources,
  • Eats only soft or crunchy foods.
  • Consuming only little amounts of food.
  • Eating pureed foods or only drinking from a bottle/nursing .
  • Dry or abrasive textures are difficult to swallow.
  • Removing a favourite food, such as milk, yoghurt, or eggs
  • Interested in liquids and not solid stuff.
  • Chewing food and holding it in their cheeks (pocketing food).
  • Spitting out food that hasn’t been fully chewed
  • Accidentally, food spills out of the mouth.
  • They are unable to remove food or crumbs from their lips or mouth corners with their tongue or lips.
  • Throwing up food that appears to have been hardly chewed.
  • A history of nursing difficulties.

Easy steps for make your kids and Children to eat eagerly.

  • Prepare a schedule to eat with an interval of 2 and 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Water must intake during the interval.
  • Be ready or make all set before feeding or eating.
  • Keep the meal in between 10-30 minutes. 30 Minutes maximum.
  • To make Seat comfortably.
  • Sensory activities before meal to make calm and focused.
  • Use a prayer, Song or music to start a meal.
  • Use Senseez Pillow, Weighted pillow, Wobble cushion for give sensory input during meal.
  • Be consistent and persistent for quicker success.

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