Prime Minister’s Office of India

The Prime Minister’s Office consists of the Prime Minister of India’s immediate staff as well as other tiers of support personnel who answer to the Prime Minister. The Principal Secretary, who is now Pramod Kumar Misra, is in charge of the PMO.

PMO Address

  • Prime Minister– Shri Narendra Modi. On May 30, 2019, Shri Narendra Modi began his second term as prime minister of India by taking the oath of office. Shri Modi, India’s first-ever Prime Minister who was born after Independence, presided over the country from 2014 to 2019.
  • Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office) – Dr. Jitendra Singh
  • Office Address – 152, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011, Phone +91-11-23012312,23013149 Fax +91-11-23016857
  • Residence Address – 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi-110001, Phone +91-11-23018939, 23011156 Fax +91-11-23018907
  • Parliament House Address -Room N0 9, 10, Parliament House, New Delhi 110001, Phone +91-11-23017660, 23019817, 23034960 Fax +91-11-23017449

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