Patitapaban Bana : 15+ Interesting & Unknown Facts

The flag known as Patitapaban Bana has been flown atop the Neela Chakra of the Jagannath Temple.
The Patitapaban Bana formerly completely surrounded the Jagannath shrine. As a result, Patitapaban Kshetra is another name for Jagannath Dham.
The flag has travelled up to 100 kilometres in the past. The Paduka Kunda of the temple, whose name is likewise Padukasosa Bana, is touched by this flag.

Why the flag is named as Patitapaban Bana

The terms patita and paban from the Odiya language are combined to form the word patitapaban. Paban, which means purifier, and Patita, which means fallen. Bana is a word from the Odia tongue. It is a flag. The fallen souls or peoples are purified by the Lord Jagannath. The flag was given the name Patitapaban Bana.

On the right side of the entrance gate, the Lord Jagannath idol is now established (Lion gate). The worshippers who are not permitted inside the temple have access to Lord Jagannath’s Darshan. The idol was so revered in Patitapaban’s honour. The worshippers received Lord Jagannath’s benediction after offering Prasad to Patitapaban.

Importance and Significance of Patitapaban Bana in the Jagannath Temple

Without Patitapaban Flag atop the Neela Chakra, Lord Jagannath cannot receive Prasad.
Prasad is presented to Neela Chakra if it cannot be offered to the gods for any reason. Chakra Mohani was its name.

Length & Height of the Patitapaban Bana

  • The Patitatapaban flag used to be 240 feet long. But the flag’s length was decreased to 180 feet and then 76 feet for safety and security considerations.
  • A large stone, weighing five tonnes, fell from the temple’s roof in the year 1990. (Dadhinauti). Following that, the flag’s length was decreased for security reasons to 21 hand lengths (28 feet). It is 14 hand lengths at the moment (21ft).
  • The Patitapaban flga is being lifted to a height of 240 feet.The Jagannath temple is 214 feet tall. The Neela Chakra is 11.8 feet tall. 15 feet is the flagstick’s height from Neela Chakra.

Rules, Ritual or Bidhi regarding hoisting of the Patitapaban Flag

  • The Patitapaban flag is changing every evening between 4 and 5 pm.
  • The flag is deep red, yellow, white, and pink in colour. Other hues have limitations.
  • The flag is shaped like a rectangle.
  • The middle of the flag features a white half-moon emblem.
  • A 25-foot bamboo staff is used to hoist the flag.
  • The flag is raised in the wind’s opposite direction.
  • Other flags are being flown in addition to Patitapaban flag . Abadhuta, Ketubana, and SaranaPanjar are the names of the flags.
Images of Patitapaban Bana

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