Nuakhai Festival 2023 Date & HD Photo

An agricultural festival in India called Nuakhai or Navakhai is mostly celebrated by the populations of western Odisha and southern Chhattisgarh. It is customary in Nuakhai to welcome the new rice harvest. This holiday is observed one day after Ganesh Chaturthi, a harvest celebration, to welcome the new rice crop. Food is khai, and nua signifies new.

How it is celebrated

People celebrate the first rice of the harvest with their families and revere the newly harvested harvests. Nuakhai Juhar is a time to give gifts to loved ones, wish them well on their special day, and gather as a family to represent harmony.

Other names for Nuakhai are Nuakhai Parab and Nuakhai Bhetghat. In Chhattisgarh, it is also known as Navakhai Parv. The name indicates that the farmers are in possession of just harvested rice because nua means new and khai means food. The celebration, which takes place the day following Ganesh Chaturthi, is viewed as a new sign of hope. For farmers and the agricultural community, it is very important. The celebration known as lagan is observed at a specific time of day. For this festival, Aersaa Pithaa is prepared. People recall their local god or goddess before having their nua when the lagan arrives.

Nuakhai 2023 Month, date and tithi

Panchami tithi (fifth day) of lunar fortnight of Bhadrabaa. Lagna time is determined according to the zodiac constellation of Maa Pataneswari and Maa Samaleswari. According to the horoscope and the previous tradition, the fifth full moon of Vadrab month is an auspicious moment, so the people of Balangir district and western Odisha will eat Nabanna on that day.

According to the decision of Nabanna Lagna Nirnayak Committee of Balangir District Astrologer Pandit Council, this Lagna has been determined. This lagna rises from Patneshwari and Maharaja Rashi Nakshatra. On Nuankhai day, at this time, the people of Balangir will eat nua. According to tradition, a special type of grain is planted near Isthadeva. Later, the food cooked in the new rice is relished and accepted as Prasad.

  • 2023– September 20 – Wednesday (from 10:28 am to 10:41 am)
  • 2022 -September 1- Thursday
  • 2021-September 11- Tuesday

Nine colors of Nuakhai

  1. Beheren 
  2. Lagna dekha 
  3. Daka haka
  4. Sapha sutura and lipa puchha 
  5. Ghina bika
  6. Nua dhan khuja 
  7. Bali paka 
  8. Nuakhai 
  9. Juhar bhet

HD Photos on Nuakhai 2023 Juhar

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