Benefit of Chanting of Navagraha Mantra, HD Photo & Yantra

What is Navagraha Mantra?

  • Navagraha mantras are strong utterances that can assist in attracting the blessings of the nine planets for the chanters’ benefit.
  • To get free of the negative consequences of Graha Dosha, recite the Navagraha Mantra 108 times per day. Wake up, bathe before sun rises., and face the sun to say the powerful mantra below 108 times every day to release oneself from the affects of Graha Dosha.
  • For blessings of Navagraha one must pray to them by pouring water from a vessel onto them. We Should chant this mantra for boosts our positive energy and boosts our self-assurance. We will receive greater rewards if you chant more numbers.

Let us know the Navagraha Mantra.

  1. Om Aditya Cha Somaya Mangalaya Budhaya Cha Guru Shukra Shanibhyashcha Raheb Ketab Namah “.
  2. Om Navagrahaya Namah, Om Ravi Mahagrahaya Namah, Om Chandraya Mahagrahaya Namah, Om Mangal Mahagrahaya Namah, Om budha Mahagrahaya Namah, Om bruhaspati Mahagrahaya Namah, Om shukra Mahagrahaya Namah, Om Shanischar Mahagrahaya Namah, Om Rahu Mahagrahaya Namah and Ketu Mahagrahaya Namah “.

Navagraha Mandal

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