Best Gifts by a child on this Mothers Day 2023

Mothers Day or Mother’s Day is a day commemorating a family’s or individual’s mother, as well as maternity, maternal relationships, and mothers’ influence in society. It is observed on various days around the world, most notably in the months of March and May, but International Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every May.

Mothers Day Celebration

Mother has the indomitable power to keep his children under the umbrella after the storm. That is why it is said that God cannot come and reach in all dangers, that is why God Created Mother.

It is said that he who does not have a mother does not have a sister. A mother is such a person without whom a family is incomplete. If he is a thread, the other member is the knot of the thread. A mother, who bends before the world for her child when needed, can bend the whole world again when needed. That mother who is possessed of extraordinary power. A mother is a priceless gem in every home, be it rich or poor.

A mother went forward holding both the world and the culture in her hands. He himself is in darkness and shows light to the child. He shows the way to live with the light of hope in the midst of life. Even if she expresses her love, she does not let go of her hand under any circumstances. When She is far from still she continues to shower blessings on the child.

Mothers Day date 2nd Sunday of May

  • 2021-9th May.
  • 2022-8th May.
  • 2023-14th May.
  • 2024-12th May.
  • 2025-11th May.
  • 2026-10th May.

Some Quotes and Lines on Mothers Day

Nobody is dearer to a child than a mother. She is the only best friend, mentor and guide, teacher, Philosopher for me. Thanks the word is not enough for her for all above. So she is actual God’s Messenger. God could not be everywhere at any time so he created MOTHER. Mother’s Blessing is always with her child.

mothers day 2023 quotes, messages and sms
mothers day 2023 quotes, messages and sms
  • Mother’s Love is eternal
  • Caring and affection is unforgettable.
  • Every works are her child’s oriented.
  • Every smile full of pains.
  • Entire life is dedicated to her family.
  • Her restless life is not ending.
  • She is the light to darkness and wisdom to ignorance.
  • Mentor in every part of your life.
  • Gives you the positive energy and remove the negative.
  • Stand aside in every moments to protect you.
  • Solution to the every problems of your life.
  • Answer to your every questions in your mind.
  • Teaches how to fight in every steps in today’s life to live happily.
  • Feeds you the nectar or the “amrut” of life by removing the poisons.
  • Show the right path when ever you stop.

Even if we tried our best for her but we could not make her a little bit smile. This is the best gift ever if you on this mother’s day please make a promise that do not to let a drop of tears comes from the eyes of your mother.

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