Mahabharat: 9 Points to Remember for success in life

If you don’t have time to read the “Mahabharata”. Here is the 9 points to remember. It’s always good to be aware of the nine sources.

  1. If you don’t control your child’s wrong desires and stubbornness, you will be helpless in the end (Kaurab)
  2. No matter how strong you are, if you are in the wrong, your knowledge, weapons, power and gifts will be in vain. (Karna)
  3. Don’t overdo it, they will use it to their advantage. (Ashwatthama)
  4. Don’t tell anyone you have to bow down to an ungodly person. (Bhishma)
  5. For the sake of misuse of wealth, power and existence, one has to look at one’s own destruction. (Duryodhana)
  6. Wealth, ignorance, fascination, and carnage are in the possession of the blind, and the creature is in danger. (Dhritarashtra)
  7. If knowledge is tied to conscience, that person’s victory is assured. (Arjuna)
  8. In all cases, if you are a fraud, you are always a fraud. The taste of failure has to be tasted. (Shakuni)
  9. No power in the world can defeat you if you adhere to principles, religions and actions. (Judhisthir)

The potential of the Mahabharat in life cannot be ruled out if these nine sources are not included in one’s life.

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