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The name of this celebration is Khudurukuni or Khuda-rankuni. It denotes a young woman pleading for food. Unmarried girls mark this holiday. For the wealth, prosperity, and safety of their brother, they perform puja and fast. This puja is performed each Sunday throughout the Bhadraba month. The girls perform “Balunka puja” in the morning. In the morning they worship a sand idol they made, and in the evening they worship Maa Khudurukuni’s idol and sing the Khudurukuni song. In the evening, girls from the same neighbourhood or friends get together and prepare for this puja. Odia Book Khudurukuni Osha in PDF

Khudurukuni osha puja bidhi
Khudurukuni osha puja bidhi

Story Behind Khudurukuni Osha

The background behind this festival is that Tapoyi, a girl, had seven brothers. She was the smallest. She also had 7 in-law sisters. Being the only girl in the family, she received far too much pampering. But after her mother and father passed away, everything changed for her. Her brothers then left the house to conduct business and trade, leaving her with her in-law sisters. Following this, she was severely tormented by her seven in-law sisters and was denied nourishment. Only her newest sister-in-law showed her kindness. This went on until Tapoyi began to idolise Maa Mangala in order to get her brothers to return. since there was no indication of them 12 years before they vanished.

Tapoyi prayed to Maa Mangala for the safety of her brothers out of concern for them. After that, her brother visited and disciplined her six sisters-in-law while still taking care of her. Everyone eventually learned that Tapoyi was an angel who had been born on earth as Tapoyi. As a result of their regret, Tapoyi is now revered as Khudurukuni. To this day, females worship by praying for their brother’s prosperity in a similar manner to how she performed puja for her brother to return.

Khudurukuni Osha 2023 Date

  • 1st – 3th September(Sunday)-Start
  • 2nd – 10th September (Sunday)
  • 3rd – 17th September (Sunday)
  • 4th -24th September (Sunday) – End

Khudurukuni Osha 2022 Date

  • 1st – 14th August (Sunday)-Start
  • 2nd – 21st August (Sunday)
  • 3rd – 28th August (Sunday)
  • 4th -4th September (Sunday) – End

Khudurunukuni Osha Book Pdf

Download the Khudurukuni Osha Book in PDF format using the link given below.

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