Keyword Search Volume, Difficulty, CPC, CD & Results in Blogging

Let us Know the Keyword Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Competitive Difficulty and Number of Results in SEO of Blogging.

What is the Keyword in blogging

The terms someone types (or speaks!) into a search engine are known as keywords. Search engines are used by people for a variety of purposes, including finding local pizza delivery information, movie timings, and weather forecasts. Every search is an informational inquiry, and search engines aim to provide the user with a satisfactory response as soon as possible.


What are the 4 types of keywords?

  • Informational – Users seeking for general information or an answer to a specific query.
  • Navigational – Searchers who are looking for a specific website or page.
  • Transactional -Searchers who are looking for a specific transaction.
  • Commercial -Searchers who are looking for a specific brands or services.

Pay-Per-Click & Paid Search Keywords

  • Negative Keywords
  • Broad Keywords
  • Phrase Match Keywords
  • Exact Match Keywords
  • Broad Match Modified (No Longer In Use)

What is Pay Per Click Marketing

The idea is pretty straightforward and can help numerous businesses—small and large—achieve a variety of marketing objectives, including: driving traffic to their website, boosting conversions, expanding their brand’s online visibility, and attracting new clients—all while enabling a business to fully manage their marketing budget.

High Volume Keywords

A high volume keyword is exactly what its name implies—a it’s keyword that appears in lots of searches made through search engines. The average monthly number of times a keyword is searched for is typically used to calculate keyword volume.

Long Tail Keywords

Due to the fact that they frequently have a small number of average monthly searches, long tail keywords are considerably different from high volume keywords. Long tail keywords are far more focused on the goods or services that your company provides.

What is Keyword Search Volume

In search engine optimization, keyword search volume is an important metric (SEO). It describes how many times a particular term is looked for in a given period of time. The number of times a specific term is searched for over a specified time period is known as the keyword search volume.

Keyword Difficulty Means in SEO

The method of assessing the difficulty of ranking for a certain phrase in Google’s organic search results is known as keyword difficulty (sometimes referred to as “SEO difficulty” or “keyword competitiveness”). The difficulty of a keyword is determined by a variety of variables, including domain authority, page authority, and content quality.

What is a good keyword difficulty?

  • KDS Approximately 30–70% – Moderate Difficulty Keywords.
  • You won’t obtain any traffic if the term has low difficulty but low search volume.

What is CPC in Blogging

  • The amount you make each time a person clicks on your advertisement is known as the cost-per-click (CPC). The CPC for any advertisement is set by the advertiser; depending on what they are advertising, some advertisers may be ready to pay more per click than others.
  • Cost per click (CPC) is an online advertising revenue that websites use to bill advertisers based on the number of times visitors click on a display ad attached to their sites.

What is Competitive Density (CD)

Competitive Density is abbreviated as Com. It refers to the Google Ads level of competitiveness, which ranges from 0 to 1. This figure reflects the volume of advertisers vying for this specific term in paid search. The more advertisers who are actively bidding on this keyword, the closer the score is to 1.

What is Number of Results in Keyword

Whereas the quantity of results reveals how much there is. When I’m attempting to gauge how much information is available on a subject quickly, the number of results is a very helpful statistic.

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