10 Keys to a Happy Marriage Life to be successful

10 Rules of a Happy Marriage Life to be successful-2022 – Love and care together for ever. Let us Know the Rules for a Happy Marriage. Now-a-days, Dating-Marriage-Divorce (DMD) is a common thing to new generation couples. Let us understand the simple rules to make the marriage to one successful one.

happy marriage
happy marriage

Rules for a Happy Marriage

  1. Never let your anger flare up simultaneously.
  2. Never bring up and repeat the past errors.
  3. No one ever raises their voices in anger unless there’s a real emergency.
  4. Let your partner win the argument if you must choose a winner.
  5. If you must comment or criticize do it with love and affection.
  6. Put the rest of the world on hold instead of your love one.
  7. Always settle down a argument with love before bed sleep.
  8. Quarrels are often in married life but the wronged one speaks more.
  9. If you did something wrong, you should be ready to say so and ask for forgiveness.
  10. Say nice compliment of your life partner with beauty, cooking and responsibility etc at least once a day.

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