June 25 National Days, Birthday and Major Past Events

June 25 2024 is Tuesday. 176th day of the Gregorian Calendar, Western Zodiac – Cancer. National Catfish Day, Day of the Seafarer- USA, Global Beatles Day, Color TV Day, Independence Day- Croatia, Mozambique, National Leon Day, International Day of Seafarer. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date June 25.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on June 25

June 25– birthdays, anniversaries, significant occasions, and time capsules in this day in History. The facts of the day in science, politics, and the arts. Learn about national days, humorous, strange, and other events, festivals, and happenings around the world on this day.

june 25 national days, special days and holidays celebration
june 25 national days, special days and holidays celebration
  • 176th day of the Gregorian Calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Cancer
  • National Catfish Day
  • Day of the Seafarer- USA
  • Global Beatles Day
  • Color TV Day
  • Independence Day- Croatia, Mozambique
  • National Leon Day
  • International Day of Seafarer

Past events and historical events on June 25

  • 1993-First-ever female heads of state are chosen in both Canada and Turkey.
  • 1983- Under the leadership of captain Kapil Dev, the Indian cricket team makes its World Cup debut.
  • 1975- Mozambique gains independence from Portugal.
  • 1975- A state of emergency is declared in India by President Fakiruddin Ali Ahmed.
  • 1967-The first global live satellite TV programme ever is broadcast.
  • 1950-North Korea invades South Korea, sparking the start of the Korean War.
  • 1947-Publication of Anne Frank’s diary.
  • 1932 – India officially play their first Test at Lord’s Cricket Ground in England.
  • 1910-The Firebird, an Igor Stravinsky ballet, premieres.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on June 25

  • 2006-Mckenna Grace-American actress
  • 1975-Linda Cardellini-American Actress
  • 1964-Dell Curry-American Former basketball player
  • 1963-George Michael-English musician, producer, actor, singer-songwriter
  • 1961-Ricky Gervais-English actor, writer, comedian
  • 1956-Anthony Bourdain-American Celebrity Chef and TV Personality
  • 1924-Sidney Lumet-American director
  • 1903-George Orwell-English author
  • 1852-Antoni Gaudí-Spanish architect

FAQ / People Also

1. Which Day is 25th June 2024?
  • 25th June is Tuesday
  • 176th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Cancer
2. Special Day on June 25?
  • International Day of the Seafarer is held on June 25 to honour seafarers and sailors who convey the world by sea. In 2010, the International Maritime Organisation advocated celebrating seafarers’ contributions to society and the economy.
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