How to stop white discharge

White discharge is also common in those who begin to periodically. But that is normal.

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  • What happens in normal periods is that the hormones that we have after the first period are over are white discharged after the period is over.

Consult your physician when you have a high discharge.

  • Consult a doctor when you have a high discharge or the underwear you are wearing is stoned or there is a change in color. The color of a normal white discharge will be white or light yellow, but when it becomes greenish or dark yellow, it will become normal.
  • It will also have a fence with a fence and frequent bumps or redness. It is important to consult a doctor if you have such a problem.

Types of infections

The first cause of white discharge is infection. There are two types of infections. They are

  • Fungal infections.
  • Bacterial infections.
White discharge

Reason and treatment of white discharge.

People who are overweight or have diabetes for a long time are more likely to be infected with Candida. Candida infection will be as if it had been torn to shreds. People who have normal discharge problems do not have any treatment, and those who have normal discharge of the app have to undergo a number of tests.
You can also see the white color. In addition, if you go to the treatment part, if you have an abnormal discharge, you can get it through antibacterial and antifungal. So for women who are wearing tight jeans or we are wearing tight underwear on Holidays or leggings. As a result, moisturizing helps to eliminate bacteria inside. So you should wear lime and cotton underwear. As a result the blood circulation can be done properly, it gives us relief and eliminates the infection. Women should generally be aware that the main part should be wiped from the top when going to the toilet.

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