How to create google web stories

Google Web Stories may be found in a carousel near the top of the Google Discover feed on Android and iOS using the current Google app.

web series
web series

What are Google Web stories?

Web Stories are a full-screen, graphically rich web content style that allows you to tap or swipe through stories. You can tap or swipe across Web Stories to absorb content. Web Stories are supported by Google, so you might see them in Google Search and Discover.

What is the ideal length for a web story?

Your Web Stories should have a title that is less than 70 characters long and no more than 90 characters long. There should be adequate explanation, similar to a web page title, to help people comprehend what they’ll find within the article.

Google web stories image size.

Use full-screen, high-resolution portrait photos (720w x 1280h). Landscape photographs should be avoided.

What is the ranking system for web stories?

  • Make a Web Story out of your top-performing articles.
  • Use jump-links to connect the Web Story to your article’s main passages.
  • Be concise and provide numbers to each phase of the Web Story.
  • Cover a single topic from a variety of perspectives.
  • To convey the message, use videos and animations.
  • In this way you can make a Web Story that is SEO-friendly.

How can I get money off of my Google Web stories?

  • Increase the value of your web stories by monetizing them.
  • Make your own web story.
  • Create a Web Stories ad unit.
  • In your Web Story, include the ad unit.

What is the average duration of a Google story?

According to the findings, 6% endure for only an hour, while 61 percent last between one and 24 hours. Only 17% of those items are read for one to two days, and 7% are read for two to three days. But guess what? On Google Discover, 9% of items stay longer than three days.

What is the best way to read Google stories?

  • Take a look at the stories you’ve saved.
  • Select Following from the menu on the left. If you don’t see “Following,” go to Menu first.
  • Saved stories can be found at the top of the page.
  • To read a tale, simply click on it.

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