Examination Preparation: Study Tips for Best Results

Let us know the study tips for to do for examination preparation. What should you do on the day before an exam and What should you do after reaching the exam Hall.

Examination Preparation

Tips for Examination Preparation

  1. Finish your study as per syllabus before exam date.
  2. Make note if possible. It will help during revision.
  3. Start your revision early. Practice make a man perfect.
  4. Make a time table and Organize your study time.
  5. Do not be awake at late night and try to be get up early in the morning.
  6. To make you calm and confident. Do some aerobic exercises or Yoga.
  7. Take care of your Health and Look after yourself during study and exam time.
  8. Vary your revision techniques through previous questions and most probable question bank.
  9. Vary your locations and Take regular breaks. …
  10. Know your exam pattern and type of question arises and Make sure you know the practical details about your exam.

What should you do on the day before an exam?

  • Sleep deeply without any tension or exam pressure.
  • Set an alarm and a backup alarm (To ready someone to awake).
  • Just go through a quick revision.
  • Breakfast should be filling and nutritious.
  • Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the day such as admit card, pen or pencil etc.
  • Take the blessing of your God, Parents, elders and your teacher too.

What should you do after reaching the exam Hall?

  • Be calm and confident after reaching exam center.
  • Do not be in hurry to answer the question.
  • Be attention to the Question and Answer sheet.
  • Answer the question very thoroughly both Objective and Subjective.
  • Re-check the answer book before submit.

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