Computer or Human who is powerful

Since the invention of the machine, there has always been a direct comparison between the human brain and the computer. The greatest contribution to human society in today’s age of science is computer. It can do all the work with ease and discipline.Similarly, for decades, there has been a strong debate about the state of the computer versus the brain, whether the brain is analog or the computer is digital. We even have the idea that the computer is better or better than the brain.

Is the human brain or the computer more powerful?

This gives the impression that computers are superior, but the truth is that the human brain is far more advanced, efficient, and powerful than even the most powerful supercomputers ever made.

Why human brain is powerful than computer?

It simply came to our notice that on currently running the world’s fastest supercomputer Tiando 2, based in Guangzhou, China, the speed (processing) speed is 56,602 petaflops, which means that it has a total number of 5,602 million counts per second. So despite its unimaginable performance, it is not on par with the human brain.

Computer Versus Human Brain

Although brain function cannot be measured accurately, one estimate is that the brain’s counting rate is an exaggeration. That means it can count to millions of dollars every second So comparatively the supercomputer is capable of working only 0.02 percent of the human brain. This is the brain that created the miracle of the great God whose exact alternative seems impossible.

Computer and Human Brain

Although humans have brains, computers have operating systems. Humans can do tasks on their own, whereas computers require commands to complete tasks. Humans have emotions and are capable of creative thought, but computers lack both.

The brain transmits information using chemicals, whereas the computer uses electricity. Electrical signals travel at tremendous speeds through the neurological system, but they travel even faster through computer wires. Both send and receive data.

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