List of Chief Ministers & Prime Ministers of Odisha 2024

Let us know the List of Chief Ministers of Odisha 2024. The province of Orissa was created on April 1st, 1936. Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo, the King of Paralakhemundi, has ruled the region. He was in power until July 1937. Bishwanath Das, the leader of the All India Congress party, then assumed control for an additional two years. The King seized possession once more before finally turning it up to Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab in 1946.

Following India’s independence and the adoption of its constitution, the government began operating under democratic ideals. Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab served as chief minister of Odisha up until the first election, after which Nabakrushna Choudhury assumed control. The list of Odisha’s chief ministers since 1946 is provided below. Odisha has had 14 chief ministers since 1946.

Prime Ministers of Orissa

1Krushna Chandra Gajapati01-Apr-3619-Jul-37Independent
2Bishwanath Das19-Jul-3704-Nov-39Indian National Congress
3Krushna Chandra Gajapati29-Nov-4129-Jun-44Independent
4Harekrushna Mahatab23-Apr-4615-Aug-47Indian National Congress

Chief Ministers of Odisha

The leader of the Odisha government is the state of India’s Chief Minister. The chief minister has executive authority, although the governor is the state’s head of government according to the Indian Constitution. The party (or alliance) with the majority of seats is often invited by the governor to form the government following elections for the Odisha Legislative Assembly. The chief minister is chosen by the governor, and the assembly holds the chief minister’s council of ministers collectively accountable. The chief minister’s term runs for five years and is unrestricted due to the assembly’s confidence in him.

List of All CMs of Odisha

1Harekrushna Mahatab 23-Apr-4612-May-50 Indian National Congress
2Nabakrushna ChoudhuryBarchana12-May-5020-Feb-52Indian National Congress
3Nabakrushna ChoudhuryBarchana20-Feb-5219-Oct-56Indian National Congress
4Harekrushna MahatabSoro19-Oct-5606-Apr-57 Indian National Congress
5Harekrushna MahatabSoro06-Apr-5722-May-59 Indian National Congress
6Harekrushna MahatabSoro22-May-5925-Feb-61 Indian National Congress
7President Rule 25-Feb-6123-Jun-61 
8Biju PatnaikChoudwar23-Jun-6102-Oct-63 Indian National Congress
9Biren MitraCuttack City02-Oct-6321-Feb-65Indian National Congress
10Sadashiva TripathyOmerkote21-Feb-6508-Mar-67 Indian National Congress
11Rajendra Narayan Singh DeoBolangir08-Mar-6709-Jan-71Swatantra Party
12President Rule 09-Jan-7103-Apr-71 
13Biswanath DasRourkela03-Apr-7114-Jun-72Independent
14Nandini SatpathyDhenkanal14-Jun-7203-Mar-73Indian National Congress
15President Rule 03-Mar-7306-Mar-74 
16Nandini SatpathyDhenkanal06-Mar-7416-Dec-76Indian National Congress
17President Rule 16-Dec-7629-Dec-76 
18Binayak AcharyaBerhampur29-Dec-7630-Apr-77Indian National Congress
19President Rule 30-Apr-7726-Jun-77 
20Nilamani RoutrayBasudevpur26-Jun-7717-Feb-80Janata Party
21President Rule 17-Feb-8009-Jun-80 
22Janaki Ballabh PatnaikAthagarh09-Jun-8010-Mar-85Indian National Congress
23Janaki Ballabh PatnaikAthagarh10-Mar-8507-Dec-89Indian National Congress
24Hemananda BiswalLaikera07-Dec-8905-Mar-90Indian National Congress
25 Biju PatnaikBhubaneswar05-Mar-9015-Mar-95Janata Dal
26Janaki Ballabh PatnaikBegunia15-Mar-9517-Feb-99Indian National Congress
27Giridhar GamangLaxmipur17-Feb-9906-Dec-99Indian National Congress
28Hemananda BiswalLaikera06-Dec-9905-Mar-00Indian National Congress
29Naveen PatnaikHinjili05-Mar-0016-May-04Biju Janata Dal
30Naveen PatnaikHinjili16-May-0421-May-09Biju Janata Dal
31Naveen PatnaikHinjili21-May-0921-May-14Biju Janata Dal
32Naveen PatnaikHinjili21-May-1421-May-19Biju Janata Dal
33Naveen PatnaikHinjili21-May-19IncumbentBiju Janata Dal
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