Budhei or Budhibaman Osha 2023 Book Pdf HD Photo Puja Bidhi

Goddess Bimala or Tarini is worshipped during “Budhei Osha,” also known as Budhei-Sudhei Osha or Budhi Baman Osha, which is observed on Wednesdays in the month of Bhadrab. It is a special worship is one of the most observed bratas of Odisha in which mothers observe fast wishing betterment of their sons and daughters.

Budhei or Budhibaman Osha Book Pdf HD Photo Puja Bidhi
Budhei or Budhibaman Osha 2023 Book Pdf HD Photo Puja Bidhi

When Budhei Osha Celebrated?

From Gamhapurnima to Indu Purnima, some people celebrate Budhei Osha, while others celebrate it from Bhadrab Sankranti to Ashwini Sankranti.

How to Decorate Maa Budhei

  • The idol of Buddhi Baman is set up in a Sila (Curry Stone, which is used for pressing/grinding Masalas for Curry). According to tradition, the sila and silapua are first given a holy bath with Gangajal during this ceremony ( holy water from the Ganges). The grinding stone is then adorned with flowers, conch, vermilion, turmeric, and vermilion to represent a woman. The imaginary idol’s forehead is painted with vermilion, and its eyes are painted with kohl (eye kajal). For this OSHA, a specific book exists. The history of this celebration is told through five tales. It is said that if a problem-free woman witnesses this brata from beginning to end over the course of a year, the brata will bless her with children.

Budhei Osha Puja Bidhi

  • According to the Budhibaman osha ceremonies, several items are needed for this devotion, including different-colored flowers, fruits, incense sticks, durba grass, turmeric powder, gua (betel nut), kaudi (conch), coconut, red fabric (salu kana), sankhaa bangles, and vermilion.
  • On this brata, one can observe the fast by either abstaining entirely from both food and liquids (Nirjala) or just from eating, particularly rice. In this osha, Lord Budhibaman is worshipped. As Budhei Devi, prayers are offered to Goddess Bhairabi or Goddess Bimala.
  • Only a coconut and a betel nut, which are broken and offered to the Goddess during the previous week’s worship, are placed at the seat of worship as of the first week.
  • Odia Pitha and other odia cakes are offered on Wednesdays in the weeks between the commencement and end of service. Five different types of pithas have been made in the past week. The women maintain a daylong fast and indulge in the fruits, desserts, and other items brought to the Goddess during dinner. The two essential components needed for this osha are a grinding stone and a grinding bar (Sila and Silapua), both of which are revered as deities.

Budhei Osha 2023 date

  • 1st-6th September-1st
  • 2nd-13th September
  • 3rd-20th September
  • 4th-27th September
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