Easy Steps To add Aadhaar Number to Voter Card

Let us know How to add Aadhaar Number to Voter Card Step by Step Process. The Detail Process are given . how to download voter id card ap with aadhaar number online Please go through. It is very easy steps.

Link aadhaar card with voter id
Link Aadhaar

How to link my voter card with Aadhaar number

1- Go to Google play store.
2 – Download voter HelpLine app.
3-click on voter registration.
4- Re-click on Form 6B below the meeting.
5- Click on Let’s start.
6 – write mobile number.
7 – Click on send OTP.
8 – Enter OTP MOBILE and write it there.
9 – Verify.
10 – Click YES I have voter ID number. Write 11 voter ID number.
12 – Select State, Click.
13 – Click on Fetch details Proceed Click Next again.
14 – Give Aadhaar number and write mobile number.
15 – Write e-mail no. Enter the village name with 16-place-booth.
 17 – Click on Done.
18 – Finally click confirm again.
19 – Thank you my Screenshot or write referral ID ku.
20 – Click ok again on Thank you

You can do it yourself in your own family.

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