7 Photos You Should not Keep in Bedroom

These 7 photos should never be kept in the bedroom. Otherwise, it may have a negative and misunderstanding effect on happy married life. A. Also, if you want to live your life with love, joy and together bless, let’s find out which photos should not be placed in the bedroom.

photos in bedroom
Do not keep the photos in the bedroom

Tips for placing Photos in Bedroom

  • Never hang ghost, evil, or devil pictures in the bedroom. You should remove such pictures from your home.
  • Do not keep the photos of God and Ancestors
  • You should not keep the photos of War & Graveyard because it helps in increase the negativity energy.
  • Do not hang the photos about Sea, Waterfall, Spring & Water Reservoir etc, because it increases distrust between husband and wife.
  • Never hang the pictures of Wild animal and birds, it increases angry nature.
  • Do not keep the photos of Pigeon, because children suffer and loss of family members due to this.
  • The pictures of Sunset, Sinking boat, Terrbile face and Cactus should not be kept in the bedroom because Poverty appears and family progress slows
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