5 Things that not to Give in Hand Directly

There are certain actions which are forbidden because it destroys the happiness of the house. For example, it is not good to Give things in Hand of another person to touch something directly, there is possibility of scarcity in the house. It also causes unrest and strife. Let’s find out about those things that not to give in hand directly.

Do not give in hand directly

Things not to hand out directly to another hand

  • One should not give salt directly to someone’s hand. This leads to friction and reduction of virtue. So put the salt in a plate or plate and give it to someone else.
  • Don’t give Chilly directly into someone’s hands, this also leads to conflict between them.
  • Do not give water in your palms of hand to anyone. It causes loss of wealth and virtue, so give water in a glass.
  • Bread or roti should given on a plate when given to others. Giving in Hand to hand decreases the prosperity of the house
  • Don’t give the hand handkerchief to anyone’s hand it leads to loss of wealth.

FAQ / People Also Ask

People don’t exchange money with their left hand

Most Hindus are taught from an early stage from their childhood to use the right hand to touch elders’ feet, God’s statues, and idols to offer reverence and ask blessings. The right hand is used for “good and pious deeds” and the left hand for “unclean” duties like scrubbing one’s ass after pooping. As the money in Hinduism associates with Goddess Laxmi so, People don’t exchange money with their left hand

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