May 18–National Days, Birthday and Important Past Events

May 18 2023 is Thursday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on May 18

  • 138th day of the Gregorian Calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Taurus
  • Constitution Day- Turkmenistan
  • National Numeracy Day
  • Ascension Day of Jesus Christ- Indonesia
  • International Museum Day
  • Battle of Las Piedras- Uruguay
  • National No Dirty Dishes Day
  • Father’s Day- Germany
  • National Visit Your Relatives Day
  • Ascension Day- Andorra, Austria, Australia, Aruba and Belgium
may 18 national days and holidays celebration
may 18 national day

Past events and historical events on May 18

  • 2009-Sri Lanka’s civil war comes to an end.
  • 1989-China Protesters Demand More Democratic Political System
  • 1980-Mount St. Helens erupts.
  • 1974-India became its first nuclear weapon making India the world’s sixth nuclear power
  • 1964-MODS and Rockers Whitsun Weekend Fights
  • 1927-In the bloodiest school massacre in US history, 45 people are killed.
  • 1848-Frankfurt hosts the first German National Assembly.
  • 1804-Napoleon Bonaparte is named Emperor of France.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on May 18

  • 1986-Kevin Anderson-South African tennis player
  • 1970-Tina Fey-American Actress and comedian
  • 1952-George Strait-American Country music singer, songwriter, and actor
  • 1920-Pope John Paul II
  • 1912-Perry Como-American singer, actor
  • 1897-Frank Capra-Italian/American director, producer, screenwriter
  • 1872-Bertrand Russell-British polymath and Nobel laureate.
  • 1895-Augusto Cesar Sandino-Nicaraguan rebel leader
  • 1868-Nicholas II of Russia

FAQ / People Also Ask

1. Which Day is 18th May 2023?
  • 18th May is Thursday
  • 138th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Taurus
2. Special Day on May 18?
  • World AIDS Vaccine Day is held every year on May 18. It is also called HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. HIV vaccine supporters mark the day by talking about how important it is to have a vaccine to avoid HIV and AIDS.
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