June 18–National Days, Birthday and Important Past Events

June 18 2023 is Sunday. Holidays & Observances, National and Special Days, Major Past Events, Zodiac Sign, Birthday of Celebrity & famous personalities on this date.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on June 18

Find out about events, festivals, funny, weird, and national days happening around the world on this day.

june 18 national & special days
june 18 national & special days, holidays celebration
  • 169th day of the Gregorian Calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Gemini
  • International Picnic Day
  • National Go Fishing Day
  • Clean Your Aquarium Day
  • Constitution Day- Seychelles
  • National Splurge Day
  • International Panic Day
  • International Sushi Day

Past events and historical events on June 18

  • 2007-A Large amounts of oil reserves were discovered in Ghana.
  • 1983-Sally Ride became the 1st American woman who travels to space.
  • 1979-SALT II is signed by Leonid Brezhnev and Jimmy Carter.
  • 1972-The Staines Air Disaster killed about 118 people.
  • 1979-US President Jimmy Carter and Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT-II agreement.
  • 1948-Columbia Records unveiled its long-playing record and The LP record is presented for the first time.
  • 1940-The French Resistance to German occupation is sparked by a speech by Charles de Gaulle.
  • 1928-Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger.
  • 1815-At the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon suffers a crushing loss.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on June 18

  • 1986-Richard Gasquet-French tennis player
  • 1976-Blake Shelton-American popular country music singer
  • 1952-Italian-Isabella Rossellini-American actress, author
  • 1942-Paul McCartney-English musician, producer, singer-songwriter
  • 1942-Thabo Mbeki-South African-23rd President of South Africa
  • 1942-Roger Ebert-American screenwriter, journalist, critic
  • 1929-JUrgen Habermas-German philosopher, sociologist

FAQ / People Also Ask

1. Which Day is 18th June 2023?
  • 18th June is Sunday
  • 169th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Gemini
2. Special Day on June 18?
  • The Republic of Seychelles is ruled by a text called the Constitution of Seychelles. Seychelles celebrates “Constitution Day” on June 18, the day it was signed into law.
  • International Panic Day is celebrated in many places around the world to bring attention to how hard it is to deal with mental illness. Talking to your friends and family, relaxing, and doing things that make you happy and calm can help you deal with the fear and stress of daily life.
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