April 15-National Days, Birthday and Major Past Events

April 15 2024 is Monday. 104th day of the Gregorian calendar. Western Zodiac – Aries. National Anime Day, National Rubber Eraser Day, Declaration of Malacca as Historical City- Malaysia, National ASL Day, National Take A Wild Guess Day, Titanic Remembrance Day, International Microvolunteering Day, Tax Day, National Laundry Day, Birth Date of Kim Il Sung- North Korea, National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, World Art Day. Discover holidays, observances, major events, and celebrity birthdays on April 15. Explore the significance of this date.

Holidays, Observances of Special Day & National Day on April 15

  • 105th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac – Aries
  • National Anime Day
  • National Rubber Eraser Day
  • Declaration of Malacca as Historical City- Malaysia
  • National ASL Day
  • National Take A Wild Guess Day
  • Titanic Remembrance Day
  • International Microvolunteering Day
  • Tax Day
  • National Laundry Day
  • Birth Date of Kim Il Sung- North Korea
  • National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
  • World Art Day
april 15
april 15 national day

Past events and historical events on April 15

  • 1994-The WTO(World Trade Organisation) is established.
  • 1989-The Hillsborough Stadium FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool ended in tragedy in which Teens and toddlers were among the 200 injured and 96 crushed to death.
  • 1989-On Tiananmen Square in Beijing, a small group of students starts a pro-democracy rally.
  • 1986-The US launches air strikes against Libya in retaliation.
  • 1967-About 180,000 Vietnam War demonstrators burned draught cards in New York and San Francisco.
  • 1947-Jackie Robinson plays for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field, becoming the first African American in Major League Baseball.
  • 1945-British troops free the German Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, where they find thousands of dead and rotting bodies.
  • 1935-Kodachrome is introduced by Eastman Kodak Company.

Famous Personalities & Celebrities Birthday on April 15

  • 1990-Emma Watson-English actress, model, and activist
  • 1978-Chris Stapleton-American-Artist-Songwriter
  • 1959- Emma Thompson-British actresses.
  • 1894-Nikita Khrushchev-Soviet politician & 7th Premier of the Soviet Union
  • 1858-Emile Durkheim-French sociologist
  • 1843-Henry James-American or English author
  • 1832-Wilhelm Busch-German poet, painter & illustrator
  • 1452-Leonardo da Vinci-Italian painter, sculptor & architect

FAQ / People Also Ask

1. Which Day is 15th April 2024?
  • 15th April is Monday
  • 105th day of the Gregorian calendar
  • Western Zodiac- Aries
2. Special Day on April 15?
  • On April 15, Microvolunteering Day raises awareness of how bite-sized acts can help great causes and individuals improve the world.
  • The World Day of Culture, also known as the Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace, is celebrated worldwide on April 15 to promote culture, the Roerich Pact, and peace.
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