10 Major Causes Lead to unsuccessful Marriage

Unsuccessful Marriage – There are many things that can go wrong in a marriage and cause it to fail. Sometimes the problems can be fixed, but sometimes the marriage has to end.Take a moment to think about some of the most common reasons why people get divorced and causes the divorce rate to be so high in the United States.

unsuccessful marriage
unsuccessful marriage

10 Major Causes Lead to unsuccessful Marriage and divorce in United States

  1. Lack of Intimacy – From Frequent Sexual Intimacy to lack of intimacy and lastly feeling and no intimacy leads to divorce. Some time lack of emotional intimacy also
  2. Marital Infidelity Extramarital affairs – According to a study by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, up to 25% of married men and 15% of married women have had affairs outside of their marriage.
  3. Financial Conflicts – If a couple has very different ideas about how they want to live their lives, how much they want to save and how much they want to spend, or if they have very distinct long-term financial objectives.
  4. Difference in Religion – A couple whose religions and beliefs are different. If these views change over time, it can make it more likely that the couple will split up.
  5. Poor Communication – Miscommunication or bad communication – when a couple yells at each other all day with no means. Just doesn’t talk about the things that are important to them.
  6. Lack of Equality – If they don’t do their fair share of the work around the house and/or contribute the most to the family’s income and find a good job, that can hurt their pride and self-esteem. This can also cause problems between a husband and wife.
  7. Not Fully Prepared – People are more likely to get divorced if they get married with unrealistic expectations or false ideas about what marriage will be like.
  8. Addiction – Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Pornography and gambling. A lot of money can be lost because of addiction. In some cases, it can also put a person’s job at risk. When addiction is not treated, divorce is often the result.
  9. Abuse – Abuse can take many forms, including physical, verbal, and financial. Abuse within the home can occur between parents, children, and other family members.
  10. Weight Gain of Spouse – A person’s weight increase may not immediately come to mind as a factor that might affect the divorce rate. Weight increase might make one spouse less appealing, reducing sexual closeness. The spouse who acquires weight may also lose self-confidence, causing intimacy and resentment difficulties.

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10 Major Causes Lead to unsuccessful Marriage in US

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